About Us – Fishionados Torquay

We arrived in Torquay in November 2019, and prepared ourselves for the new season by updating the premises, and upgrading the menus, as well as adding great coffee.
For some reason, we failed to predict the Coronavirus outbreak, and so we are now changing tack a little.  We have been producing and delivering great Fish and Chips to Brixham and nearby, and now we will extend that service to Torquay.  We pride ourselves on using the best local ingredients and producing food which we would like to eat ourselves.
Our team has more years of catering experience than we care to remember!!  We’ve worked in quite a few different environments, but always with the goal of a quality product.
We are Tim and Sam, we ran a successful restaurant in Brixham for several years, before taking over a Fish and Chip Shop in Brixham in August 2018.  We introduced our delivery service there later that year.  Tim, Sam and Michael all worked together in the restaurant, and are now re-united as a management team for both shops.  We look forward to serving you..
Our chips are all homemade in Brixham from locally sourced potatoes, then double-fried in rapeseed oil, giving a delicious result.


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    /fɪsjəˈnɑːdəʊ,fɪʃ(j)əˈnɑːdəʊ/  …….. or more simply…

    One who thinks Torquay m’s fish and chips are best!!