About Us – Fishionados Brixham

We are proud to produce and deliver great fish and chips to Brixham and nearby.  We pride ourselves on using the best local ingredients and producing food which we would like to eat ourselves.
Our team has more years of catering experience than we care to remember!!  We’ve worked in quite a few different environments, but always with the goal of a quality product.
Our chips are all homemade on the premises from locally sourced potatoes, then fried first in sunflower oil, and then in beef dripping for maximum flavour.


  1. a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.
    “a crossword aficionado”



    connoisseurexpertauthorityspecialistpundit, one of the cognoscenti, cognoscentedevotee, appreciator, fanfanaticsavant;


    /fɪsjəˈnɑːdəʊ,fɪʃ(j)əˈnɑːdəʊ/  …….. or more simply…

    One who thinks Brixham’s fish and chips are best!!